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Lace Melting Spray

Lace Melting Spray

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Lace Melting Spray-120ml 4oz

Don't forget to add our Wig Lacemelt band for a flawless install.

Used for Lace Front/Toupee/Closure/Wigs Holding
-Moisture Resistant
-Glueless, No Latex
-Invisible Bond
-Hides the hairline
-Protect edges
-Gentle on sensitive skin

water, butylglycol, polyethylene.
Pycodone, glycerides,polysorbitol.
Ester-20, hydroxyethyl cellulose, double.
(daily use)Flavors, hydrol-ysed wheat protein,
EDTA.sodium, semi-lactose arabic
polysaccharides, Ubiquinol.

Apply lace on your head and spray directly on the edge of the lace, blow dry until it becomes tacky. Once spray is tacky, tie your lace down with our melting band for 10 minutes. Work in small sections for durable hold.

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Customer Reviews

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I loveeee this melting spray!!! Omg. Sprayed it on Saturday morning. It's now Sunday evening. I've been out all day since 11 AM sweating and all. The wig is still in tact. The wig isn't lifting at all. Still very secure. Ability to withstand a lot of sweat?? This melting spray is a winner in my book. So satisfied with this purchase!

Lace Melting Spray

I've been using my lace melting spray for some months now and it works perfectly well. I love using it and would recommend 100%.

Love it

So I received my purchase on Tuesday, I used the glue around Tuesday evening, today is Thursday. The lace still looks great the meltdown is still amazing it still looks natural. Of course I wrap my hair up properly with the bonnet before bed, but the fact that it is still laying down and it's not glue it's a spray. I love this product.